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Introducing the first of its kind virtual classroom

We Specialise In:


Learn how to sketch, draw and colour.


Learn how to read, write & speak fluently at school or at your work place.

Money Management

Learn how to better manage your money and realize your true financial potential.

Website Design

Learn to design your own website even without any coding or design knowledge.

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Let's study from home​

What is a virtual classroom?


Attending school online

  1. Face to face interaction between teacher & student.
  2. Using video platforms & handheld peripherals.
  3. Printable materials and video assisted classrooms.
  4. Virtual report cards & graphical representation of student’s performance.

FREE trial class, limited seats available

How does it work?


Teacher broadcasts lesson.


Students watch, interact & learn.


Materials & homework are visually presented


Virtual report cards & certificates provided

**Student must have any form of smart device & internet access to attend the class.


We are looking for new educators



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